DVD Decryptor

August 7, 2007

DVD Decryptor is a program that essentially rips DVDs from the DVD-Video structure and saves it to users computer. It lets the user choose whether to save it in .iso (image) format or the Video file format (VOB). This powerful utility allows for the user to rip virtually any DVD in existence. It uses brute force programming to get rid of the RCE Protection, and user operation prohibition.

This program is basically a side-program to use when reproducing DVDs. It works magnificently when used with DVD Shrink. DVD Decryptor used to be a freeware and easy to find on the web, but now its gotten a little harder. When I say a little harder, I mean excessively harder. DVD Decryptor is not only a DVD ripping software, it is also a DVD Burning software. It enables for the user to burn and image file the user chooses.


Download DVD Decryptor here : http://s1u.net/dvds2


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  1. […] “saving on disk”) DVD movie features as well as the dual layer option. When used with DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink becomes the main .iso (DVD) image […]

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